Whisky Bar @ Queenscliff Brewhouse

Compltely new Whisy Bar to be opened in Spring 2019

Nominated in 2019

The Whisky Bar located on the top floor of the Queenscliff Brewhouse is an exiting new venture, and following the first round of judging it has temporarily been closed for major renovations. The Whisky War will reopen in Spring, hopefully in time for the second round of Judging. In the meanwhile the Queenscliff Hotel continue to trade but with a new Executive Chef (Greg Egan – Winner of The Golden Plate Best Chef State Award in 2014), plus several other significant improvements.

The Whisky Bar promises to be an exciting new attraction for Queenscliff.  
100 of the 400 whiskys along with tasting glasses and the paddles have been temporarily available in the downstairs tasting room, and the full cellar and bar will be re-opened on the top floor in Spring.  Meanwhile Jay the Whisky aficionado can guide you to some very special drops. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is impressive and a delight. The foods served when we visited showed attention to detail and focused around regional foods. The shining examples were definitely the desserts (Chef’s Specials) – refined and delicious with lots more to come when the new Bar opens.  We can’t wait to see what happens with the new menus, so keep tuned for further announcements!

Final Judges’ report due in Spring 2019

2 Gellibrand Street Queenscliff Details to be announced prior to Spring 2019