The Judging Process-

The Harwood Andrews Golden Plate Awards is not only a consumer guide to excellence in hospitality but a program to assist continuous industry improvement.

Restaurants, hotels and cafes that wish to compete in the Harwood Andrews Golden Plate Awards must be nominated by the public. They are then judged twice, without notice, over a period of several months by some of Victoria’s best food critiques, headed up by ‘industry legend’ Rita Erlich. 

Venues receive confidential reports from the judges after each round to help identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement from the perspective of the customer.

The awards place special emphasis on:

  • Food quality & presentation
  • Customer service
  • Value for money
  • Use of local foods and wines
  • Ambience

There are also twelve special recognition awards including; “Best Chef“, “Best Coffee“, “Best Customer Service“, “Best Barista“, “Best Cellar of Local Wines“, “Best Menu of Local Foods” and “Best Value for Money,” that provide an invaluable guide to customers.

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